The exterior of Parkland bags is made with 100% recycled water bottles. The Parkland Lookout 18.5” is a duffel designed with style and sustainability in mind. Its convenient 24 liter interior is an ideal size for a quick trip to the gym or an overnight stay.


100% Recycled PET. Recycles bottles are the only material that goes into this bag for both the fabric and the webbing. The only new material is the zipper! Not only is this durable, it creates a market for recycles bottles, which helps to drive recycling programs.


The bag is medium dark grey with heavy duty black webbing for the handle. The dark coloring is perfect for the boat park, so it won't show the wear and tear. There is an understated logo featuring the 49er, 49erFX, and Nacra 17 logos on the side.


This bag is perfect as a spares bag for the coach boat, for select tools and spare parts. It also works great as a bag to hold all of your splicing and rope tools. It's durable enough to handle all of the sharp tools, fids, and wires that might otherwise poke through other bags. It can also be used to hold spare tie down ropes, to keep them neat and tidy in your trailer or van.


The bag is super simple, so you're not searching between dozens of compartments, but it does have one pocket on the outside where the logo is to place the tool being used in the moment for easy use.