PRO Boxing Wrecking Ball Punching Bag 25x25 100lb

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Extremely versatile design provides different types of training by raising and lowering the height. Can be used for developing all types of punches including uppercuts, hooks and jabs. Plus, knee strikes and kicks. And can be used as a medicine ball without a partner. These bags are built to absorb your full power strikes and won't sag over time! Black. Measures 25" x 25". Weight: 100 lbs. All of our Pro Punching Bags are designed for serious training! They are manufactured in the USA and designed to last a lifetime! Each features a shell of industrial nylon rip-stop woven scrim impregnated with a heavy 22 oz vinyl coating, and triple-stitched along all stress seams. They are hand stuffed with compressed fabric to the ideal density. No sand, sawdust or paper filling (used in imported economy bags which can injure you with 'hard spots' or provide ineffective training with 'soft spots'.) Reinforced hanging straps with metal 'D' rings eliminate the need for chains. All of our bags are 'overbuilt' meaning you can add extra weight! Covered by our 10 Year Workmanship Warranty!