Deck Eyes

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Our range of deck eyes are manufactured from top grade AISI 316 stainless steel. They undergo multiple machining and finishing operations to ensure they have a smooth finish and are free of damaging sharp corners and burrs.
Available in the following sizes:
Dim 'A' x Dim 'B' x Dim 'C'
8.5mm x 24mm x 3.5mm
10mm x 31mm x 4.5mm
17mm x 45mm x 4.5mm
13mm x 25mm x 4.5mm
5mm x 24mm x 4.5mm
27mm x 30mm x 4.5mm
9mm x 28mm x 3.5mm
14mm x 42mm x 5.0mm
22mm x 55mm x 6.5mm