Nacra 17 hull protections Trax Pad by Forward WIP

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Hull protection Trax Pad Mini

Hulls protections. The price is for a set protection  (2 pieces)

With its ingenious design our Bottom Hull protectors can fit any kind of catamaran with moderate volume of hulls :
- Hobie Cat 14 & 16, 
- Dart 15 / 18, 
- Any kind of A Cat, 
- SL 15.5, 16
- Or Ventilo 18 and 20 (old generation)
Strong and Light, these new hull protectors are very easy to set up thanks to their elastic strap.
- Built in EVA foam
- Shock absorbing foam.
Thanks to their conception these hull protectors will perfectly fit any shape of hulls, but they have also been designed to be able be used when capsizing the boat on land, thanks to their length, remembering to use a second protection under the front beam.