Rutland 914i Wind Charger

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The Rutland 914i has rapidly become our leading windcharger, following the long success of the 913 model. Its 30% increased generating capacity, from the same diameter turbine, is achieved through advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) electronics delivering even more energy from the wind. Ideal for liveaboard and weekend yachting, boats from 10m.

The Rutland 914i punches well above its size for power, rivalling the claimed outputs of larger turbines owing to it’s built-in MPPT technology. This continuously matches the turbine speed and generator to their optimum performance to deliver more ampere hours into your battery ……and a by-product of this optimised efficiency is a virtually silent wind turbine!

Suitable for:

  • Pleasure Boats
  • Caravans and Camper-vans

Quietly . . . Rutlands have a deserved reputation for quiet operation so you can live aboard without disturbance from noisy running blades. We match the design our blades and generator to optimise effciency so you can expect silent but powerful performance. Our charge regulators include a shut down switch so you can be in control.

Effortlessly . . . Just a gentle breeze is all it takes to start the aerodynamically styled Rutland spinning and it’s soon delivering charge into your battery. The low inertia turbine spins and swivels to capture the free and abundant energy in the wind, often accumulating more ampere hours per day than larger turbines so you can take advantage of our compact designs.

Reliably . . . We design, develop and manufacture the Rutlands in our UK based factory where our systems and procedures are quality assured under ISO9002. Our testing parameters are rigorous and computer controlled and we record the performance of every turbine produced. The longevity of our products has been proven time and again since 1979 in applications on land and sea around the world. Here at Marlec we continuously develop Rutland and improve our turbines in response to customer feedback.

Environmentally Friendly . . . Wind & solar energy don’t just save money on charging costs but benet the environment too. With a strong sense of nature around boating and camping you have the satisfaction of using a natural resource from a progressive technology, fulfilling your energy needs without harming the environment.

Why Rutland?

 Their low wind speed start up is unrivalled. The highly efficient blade and generator designs deliver charge into your batteries long before many other turbines are picking up. Overall that’s more power to you!

● They innovate, leading the way in our industry on aerodynamics, electronics and low friction generator designs to deliver modern, durable wind turbines that have continued to stand the test of time.

● They keep it simple and user friendly for our tens of thousands of users worldwide. Eg their  blades have a positive one-way-only t so there’s no need for the user to align with other components.