Sailing To Win (Brett Bowden)

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Sailing strategies from beginner to winner.

International author, competitive sailor and successful business strategist Brett Bowden shares over 3 decades of wisdom of what it takes to be successful. Brett shares not only his own experiences, but a collection of wisdom from world champions and sailing legends. Together with his passion for sailing and winning in all areas of life, Brett shows you just how to do it step by step.

By the time you have finished this book, learned the strategies and practiced the drills, you will be guaranteed of being on the podium more often than not and collec more than your fair share of silverware. If you're serious about being successful then you must read this book.

You'll learn:
- The little known secrets behind the science of sailing
- The psychology and mindset of winning races
- Key ways to banish frustration from your sailing
- Critical ways to start, conduct and finish a race like a champion
- How to get inside tactical knowledge at new venues
- Essential training drills to hone your skills to ensure your success
- Championship race tactics and strategies that only top skippers know

Brett Bowden (Author)