Snuffer Kit Cover

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The snuffer is robust and resistant against UV and bad weather. But it not the case of the textile sleeve attached on the snuffer and where the spinnaker stays.

Forward Sailing proposes a simple and economic solution for preserving longer your sleeve and deferring an investment in another one.
We propose a new snuffer kit cover, to place around the snuffer and its sleeve to protect them against external attack. It also enables to leave the spinnaker in the sleeve, protected against UV and indiscreet looks.
Specification :
  • Protection : protect your sleeve against UV, sand and looks.
  • Saving : Keep your sleeve much longer than without cover, which is expensive to replace
  • Openings all along the cover to put it around the snuffer kit and get openings for ropes and fixation.
  • Forestay opening : the cover has several reinforced textile straps. The place of the forestay is different from a boat to another, that is why we put several straps, depending the ideal position for your catamaran you just need to cut in the right strap.
  • Cloth : Polyester 900 deniers
  • Colour : Grey
  • Attach system : Velcro strap
  • Sewing : 6 points zig zag
  • Rope : High diameter treated against UV