Tactics to Win (Nick Craig)

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A tactical bible for sailboat racers from the highly original and multi-championship winning author.

Unless you have unbeatable boatspeed, tactics are vital to winning sailboat races. Multi-champion, Nick Craig, shows you how to develop a strategy and what tactics to adopt on every leg and at every mark of the course.

Nick discusses the inputs into strategy, starting and the race plan. He then tackles mark tactics, covering every different type of mark, and fleet tactics on every leg of the course. He finally focusses on boat-to-boat tactics, again on every leg of the course. In each situation he covers attacking and defensive tactics, either to get ahead or make sure you stay ahead. Non-spinnaker, symmetrical spinnaker and asymmetric dinghies are all covered because Nick has won world or national championships in each of these types of boats.

key selling points

  •   Covers strategy and tactics for every part of a race.

  •   In a highly original and unique style.

  •   By probably the best amateur sailor of his generation.

    Nick Craig is the ‘Champion of Champions’, having won the Endeavour Trophy six times. He has also won 35

    National, 5 European and 12 World championships to date, in a variety of classes. Nick was awarded the YJA Yachtsman of the Year in 2011 and the Yachts & Yachting Amateur Sailor of the Year in 2013.