Team Racing Companion (Chris Atkins)

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The essential guide on how to have fun, start winning and become champions at team racing in a compact, splash proof companion.


Team racing is great for fast, fun and different sailboat racing. It helps develop some key skills for future racing success.

This handy companion tells you everything a sailor and coach need to know to enjoy, improve and win at team racing. It describes the most useful moves around the race course, and the key rules that govern such moves. There are sections on how to slow & overtake; how to win the start & control the final beat; the best routines for practising; how to develop as a team & the team roles.

One page gives all the winning & losing combinations for 2-, 3- and 4-boat team racing, highlighting the tactics for every combination, with simple tips for making strategy easy.

Paperback, 24 pages, spiral bound, 27 colour diagrams, 222mm x 80mm.


  •  A concise guide to this exciting sport

  •  Packed with knowledge from 40 years of participation

  •   Written by a recognised expert who has coached teams throughout the world.


    Chris Atkins has won the UK Team Racing National Championships 3 times and the Wilson Trophy twice. He coached Team GBR to gold at the first ISAF World Team Racing Championships and has twice been chief umpire at the World Championships. He was Chairman of Selectors for the GBR Olympic sailing team for Beijing and London. He is an international judge and ISAF Umpire Instructor. He coaches and umpires team racing, running coaching sessions for the Optimist Class throughout the world. He is a Vice President of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).