Wind Companion (David Houghton)

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A compact guide to the principles of how the wind works, and how it can be used to improve your racing strategy.


A compact guide which clearly explains the principles of how the wind works and the factors which shape it. It allows

you to visualise the invisible and work out for yourself how the big-picture forecasts will affect your race course, wherever the venue. This information is vital to constructing a race-winning strategy, whether by identifying wind bends, understanding the message of the clouds, or by anticipating a sea breeze.

key selling points

  • The essentials to understanding and using the wind on the race course.

  • Compact, splash-proof and spiral bound perfect for use on or near water.

  • Highly illustrated to make the information quick and easy to understand.

    David Houghton was a passionate meteorologist, spending over 30 years at the UK Met Office, and was responsible

    for introducing the marketing of weather services commercially. He worked as an advisor to Olympic, Admiral’s Cup, America’s Cup and Round the World sailing teams.
    Fiona Campbell is a successful meteorologist with a passion for the environment and a love of sailing. Fiona took over from David Houghton the responsibility for advising the UK’s top sailing teams at Olympic, European and World regattas, as well as GBR and other America’s Cup challenges.